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Rep. Dan Cooper slams SCBCB ED Kitzman

Another OUCH … Rep. Dan Cooper, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee as well as one of five members of the powerful Budget and Control Board, writes a letter slamming Executive Director Eleanor Kitzman for — among other things — this looney tunes letter to the editor she wrote last week.

Read Cooper’s letter below:

Rep. Dan Cooper’s Letter to SCBCB ED Eleanor Kitzman

Haley, Lawyers, and Pay-to-Play Politics

This story is far less sexy than the fallout over Gov. Nikki Haley’s dumping Darla Moore from the USC Board of Trustees, but it’s still worth pointing out.  Among Haley’s many new appointees announced this week is Ray Chandler, a lawyer from Manning, SC and … You guessed it! … a Haley campaign donor.  Chandler is the new chairman of the board of directors of Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, the home of the famous U.S.S. Yorktown, in Charleston.

I looked up Chandler’s contributions to Haley’s general election campaign as well as expenditures from the campaign to Chandler on the South Carolina Ethics Commission website.  Haley’s air travel during the final weeks of the general election was done on Chandler’s personal plane.  Chandler fronted $3620 and was reimbursed by the campaign.  (I’m guessing he gave the campaign a sweet deal on the flight costs?)

Thomas Cofield, Haley’s replacement for Darla Moore on the USC Board of Trustees, is a Lexington County lawyer, and as I noted above, Chandler is also a lawyer.  As my (conservative) friend described him, he’s “as trial lawyer-y as they come.”  I googled Mr. Chandler, and his law firm profile highlights the following among his areas of expertise: “Personal Injury; Federal Criminal Law; Drug Crimes; Driving While Intoxicated; General Criminal Litigation.”

“Trial lawyer-y” indeed.

Rewind to the 2010 general election.  Remember when almost every every criticism Haley levied against her opponent, Sen. Vincent Sheheen, pertained to his being an evil trial lawyer?  If I had the time, I’d chase down a bunch of those cheap, lawyer-bashing one-liners to which she resorted time and time again against Sheheen and mash them up in a video to illustrate the hypocrisy.

She sure seems to have forgotten how much she detests members of the legal profession in the last four months.

A note to USC Moore School Alums from Moore School Dean

This is interesting…

A little birdie who’s an alum of USC’s Darla Moore School of Business received this email message from Moore School of Business Dean Hildy Teegen today.  Certainly sounds like there’s a fair amount of dissension among the USC ranks over Haley’s decision…

Dear Alumni:

A new USC Trustee has been appointed to the position previously held by Darla Moore on the USC board.

We all recognize the transformational role that Darla Moore plays in our institution. Our many successes in attracting and retaining world class faculty and professional staff, recruiting outstanding students, and inspiring legions of new donors from South Carolina and the world have been possible because of her leadership.

Her strategic contributions in advancing our School are the foundation for our continued pursuit of excellence.



Hildy Teegen
Darla Moore School of Business
University of South Carolina
1705 College Street
Columbia, SC 29208

Somebody’s got some ‘splainin to do (not that we expect it to actually happen)

An exclusive by John O’Connor in today’s edition of The State raises *MORE* income-related questions for Gov. Nikki Haley from her time working as an exorbitantly-paid fundraiser at Lexington Medical Center.  (Thought you’d heard it all in the 2010 general election?  Looks like that’s a no.)

Haley’s salary history included in her 2008 job application for a fundraising position designed especially for her at Lexington Medical Center shows her 2007 salary from her parents’ clothing store, Exotica International, to be $125,000 annually.  Her 2007 tax returns indicate that she was paid $22,000 by Exotica that year (which seems far more likely).

Haley Chief of Staff Tim Pearson, who has long-since perfected the art of flat denial on behalf of his boss, flatly denies that Haley bears any responsibility for the considerable discrepancy, which … absent an explanation … looks an awful lot like she either considerably over-represented her income on the job application or considerably under-represented her income on her taxes by $100,000.

Take a look at the job application documents yourself and see what you think.  Looks to me like somebody’s got some ‘splainin to do.  Maybe Lexington Medical Center will offer a plausible explanation for the discrepancy later today.  (Or maybe not.)

Nikki Haley 2008 Application

Hypocrisy alert: “Fresh set of eyes” Part II

In the comments section of the previous post, an intrepid reader notes the hypocrisy in the statement from Gov. Nikki Haley’s office that the governor replaced Darla Moore as the at-large member of the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees because Haley wanted to bring in a “fresh set of eyes”:

The “fresh set of eyes” excuse is about the lamest I have ever heard, considering Nikki didn’t remove the other Governor’s designee, Mark Buyck, who is like 80 years old, has been on the BOT since 1987, and is a huge Republican and Haley donor. Godfrey’s statement is hypocrisy at its finest, as is the appointment itself.

Note: Those eyes belong to no one mentioned in this post.  At least I don’t think they do.  That would be super weird and coincidental. They’re just some creepy old eyes I found on the internet.